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Wellness & Immunity Bundle
Wellness & Immunity Bundle
Wellness & Immunity Bundle
Wellness & Immunity Bundle
Wellness & Immunity Bundle
Wellness & Immunity Bundle
Wellness & Immunity Bundle
Wellness & Immunity Bundle
Wellness & Immunity Bundle

Wellness & Immunity Bundle

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What's included:

  Lemon & Ginger Vitamin Honey (worth £8)

  Propolis & Vitamin Throat Spray (worth £9)

  Natural Throat & Cough Syrup (worth £10)

Key Benefits:

  3 products worth £27 (25% saving!)

  Daily immune support

 High in vitamins D, C, B6 & B12

 Made with honey and propolis

  Next day delivery available

Product description

This wellness bundle contains 3 of our best-selling wellness products designed to help support your immune system.

Lemon & Ginger Vitamin Honey:

Looking for an immune boost? Just Bee Lemon & Ginger Vitamin Honey contains Vitamins D, C, B6, B12 and Echinacea. Each teaspoon contains 25% of your recommend daily allowance of these vitamins. And it's as sweet as honey (literally)!

Our serving suggestion: Perfect stirred into porridge, cereal, smoothies, yoghurt or just spread on toast.

Propolis & Vitamin Throat Spray:

Want to keep your immune system supported on a daily basis?

Our all-natural Propolis & Vitamin Throat Spray will provide 200% of your recommended daily allowance of Vitamin D and 100% of your recommended daily allowance of Vitamins B6 and B12.

With pure honey and bee propolis, the product also serves as an effective throat soother. The spray has a fresh, peppermint flavour for a pleasant taste.  

A daily throat spray is a highly efficient way of taking immune supporting vitamins, absorbing into your body more quickly than tablets. 

The daily immune spray format is easy to use and perfect for anyone who doesn't like (or can't) swallow tablets, including children.  

All-natural throat syrup:

Looking for an all-natural honey throat syrup? Look no further.

We know how frustrating it is when you are run down with a cough or sore throat. You want to bounce back as quickly as possible.

There are lots of remedies out there, but most have unpronounceable and artificial ingredients. This all-natural throat syrup is made using a unique combination of pure honey, bee propolis, vitamins and botanicals.

Independent British Company

Just Bee was inspired by co-founder Joe's family, who have a long history in beekeeping. Joe’s dad is a beekeeper in Lancashire and his grandad was a beekeeper before him in Ireland. Back in 2014, we started with a very simple idea – to create great tasting and healthy products using honey and to save the bees. This is still true today and now we work with beekeepers across the world to source the highest quality honey. 

It’s really important that our products help save the bees. did you know one in every three mouthfuls of food we eat relies on plants being pollinated by bees? And over the past few years there has been a global decline in bee populations, including here in the UK.

Well, we’re determined to do something about it and we need your help!

Free packet of seeds!

All our honey orders come with a free packet of bee saving flower seeds.

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