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Recycling Information

Just Bee Recycle Plastic

As well as making high quality and great tasting products, it’s really important that Just Bee has a positive impact on bees, the people and communities we interact with and the wider environment too.

Over the past few years, there has been a growing understanding and concern for the impact humans are having on the planet. Plastic pollution cannot be ignored and we know that as a food manufacturer and brand, part of the responsibility lies with us. This is something we are extremely aware of.

Recycling your honey pots:

Our honey pots and pouches are made from plastic which is 100% recyclable. Different local authorities have different rules for plastic recycling, so please do check what is accepted in your area.

Honey Pot Recycling Scheme:

To help address the environmental challenge and to reduce plastic pollution we’ve launched a “Honey Pot Recycling Scheme” for our customers.

Return your used Just Bee honey pots and pouches back to us and we’ll recycle them on your behalf. We just ask that you rinse out your used honey pots before sending them to us – this will help avoid a sticky mess for our recycling team!

Send your empty pots and pouches to:

Honey Pot Recycling Scheme,
24/25 Mosley Road,
M17 1HQ,

Please note: we can only accept Just Bee packaging for recycling. Anything else sent to us for recycling will unfortunately be returned to you.