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Free Bee Saving Wildflower Seeds
One free pack of bee saving seeds (99p postage)
One free pack of bee saving seeds (99p postage)
One free pack of bee saving seeds (99p postage)
One free pack of bee saving seeds (99p postage)

One free pack of bee saving seeds (99p postage)

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    • This offer is limited to one pack of seeds per customer.
    • The seeds are on us - totally free! We just ask for 99p to cover the postage costs.... oh and if you're buying honey, you get free seeds with your order anyway!
  • If you'd like more than one pack, we offer boxes of seeds on our shop

How to plant these free wildflower seeds

The best planting time for these bee-saving seeds is between end of February and end of July. 


Our bee-friendly seeds

Our seeds are a special bee-friendly mix. They have over 30 different types of wildflower. Each has been carefully selected to attract bees. But every bee's tastebuds are different. We notice that regular visitors to our wildflowers have their individual favourite flowers or colours!

Just sprinkle the seeds thinly on soil or compost. You can sow the seeds in your garden, borders, pots, a park, or window box. You could even plant them in an empty honey pot!! Just keep watering so the soil is damp and the first green shoots should appear. The seeds will flower from June until end of September. 

Help Save the Bees!


Bees are dying! Partly caused by fewer flowers and meadows. We rely on bees to pollinate a third of all the food we eat, so we're determined to save them!

For the past four years we've been planting a bee-saving flower for every bottle of Just Bee Drinks we sell - so far we've planted over five million flowers!

It's no different for Just Bee Honey - for every jar sold we'll plant a bee-saving flower :-)

Join our mission and help save the bees... we'll send you a free packet of bee saving flower seeds to plant in your garden or local park.

For more information about our free wildflower seeds, watch our video above!

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