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The Quality of Our Honey

Vitamin Honey

So, you’d like to know more about our honey?

We created Just Bee to be a little different from the major honey companies. We were tired by the endless reports of fake honey, dubious practices and honey that tasted like syrup.

So we set out to make the best tasting and highest quality honey products that have a positive impact on bees, the people we deal with and the wider environment too.


High quality honey

It all starts with the honey. Before sending anything out, we make sure it meets a strict Just Bee specification. This includes taste, consistency, provenance and some fancy technical parameters.

What does our honey taste like?

 Just Bee Vitamin Honey - Joe Harper

Every new batch of honey is taste tested by our founder Joe before approving it – it’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it! We are looking for honey that is a light amber colour, has a medium strength and sweetness and a profile which balances well with our active ingredients.

Most of our products use a blend of wildflower and acacia honey. Wildflower honey means the bees have foraged on a variety of flowers, blossoms and other plants. This gives a rich flavour which is consistent all year round. Acacia honey is a lighter honey, which adds sweeter notes. Once blended with the earthy notes of echinacea, you get a totally unique flavour, which our customers rave about.  

Our Manuka Vitamin Honey comes from New Zealand, and is high in antimicrobial activity, which means it is effective against a wide range of pathogens (organisms that cause disease). This honey is slightly darker in colour with caramel notes. We do extra checks on the authenticity of our Manuka honey.

Vitamins and Botanicals

What vitamins and botanicals do we add to our honey?

We take pure honey and blend it in small batches with Vitamins, Botanicals and Flavours. E.g. our best selling product, Vitamin Honey, provides immune-boosting benefits with each serving containing 100% of your recommended daily allowance of Vitamin D and 50% of your daily allowance of Vitamins: C, B6, B12. 

Vitamin Honey inspection

What checks and tests do we do?

We thoroughly check all our suppliers to ensure we are receiving the highest quality ingredients. We look for accreditations, high food safety standards, and of course nice people to work with :-)

A series of tests are performed on our honey to ensure it meets the Just Bee criteria. We are testing for the freshness of the honey, its authenticity, the consistency, the vitamin levels and the antibacterial levels.

Yes, that’s a lot of tests, but we take our honey very seriously and want to make sure you are getting the best quality product!

Just Bee Beekeepers

Meet some of our beekeepers 

We source honey from a network of carefully selected beekeepers across the world. Let’s meet a few…

Vitamin Honey - supplier UK

Volition Community Beekeepers at Manchester Cathedral, UK

Beehives were installed on the roof of Manchester Cathedral nearly 10 years ago as part of a volunteering scheme now called Volition Community. This charity was set up to help unemployed people build their confidence, motivation, self-esteem and skills to get into work. Catherine Charnock is the resident Head Beekeeper who is supported by a number of volunteers on the programme. You can watch a video of the beekeeping at the Cathedral here or go to

 Vitamin Honey Hungary

Váraljai’s Honey Farm, Hungarian Great Plains

The Váraljai family apiary is set in the beautiful Hungarian countryside surrounded by wildflower meadows and forests. Lászlo Váraljai, the head beekeeper, has a strict philosophy of sustainable beekeeping and has been recognised as a ‘Great Taste’ producer – this is no surprise when you taste his honey! We love this photo of Lászlo with his daughter, who is also learning to keep bees.

Vitamin Honey - Poland

Zielona Zagroda Family Apiary, Poland

The Zagroda family have been keeping bees near the town of Wolbórz since the year 2000. Like Váraljai’s apiary, it is also located next to forests and meadows so we get a very similar flavour profile to our Hungarian honey. The whole family is involved in keeping the apiary and they take an active role in educating people on the importance of bees and sustainable farming practices.


We hope this page has been useful to find out more about our honey. If you have any other questions, please get in touch: