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Royal Honey Bulkpack - with Royal Jelly, Manuka & Vitamin D (6x260g)
Royal Honey Bulkpack - with Royal Jelly, Manuka & Vitamin D (6x260g)
Royal Honey Bulkpack - with Royal Jelly, Manuka & Vitamin D (6x260g)
Royal Honey Bulkpack - with Royal Jelly, Manuka & Vitamin D (6x260g)
Royal Honey Bulkpack - with Royal Jelly, Manuka & Vitamin D (6x260g)
Royal Honey Bulkpack - with Royal Jelly, Manuka & Vitamin D (6x260g)
Royal Honey Bulkpack - with Royal Jelly, Manuka & Vitamin D (6x260g)
Royal Honey Bulkpack - with Royal Jelly, Manuka & Vitamin D (6x260g)
Royal Honey Bulkpack - with Royal Jelly, Manuka & Vitamin D (6x260g)

Royal Honey Bulkpack - with Royal Jelly, Manuka & Vitamin D (6x260g)

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Key product benefits:

Made with Royal Jelly, Manuka & Vit D

 Improves skin ageing

 Daily immune support

 Rich and luxurious flavour and texture

Just £8 per pot (38% Saving!)

 High in Vitamin D (200% RDA)

High strength Royal Jelly 

 Made with certified Manuka Honey

 Free bee-saving seeds with each order

Product description:

Unveil a sweeter, healthier life with Just Bee's Royal Honey, a luxurious blend of pure honey enriched with 210mg of Royal Jelly (4% 10-HDA), Manuka honey (83+ MGO), and fortified with 10μg (200% RDA) of Vitamin D.

This all-in-one wellness elixir supports immune health, supports collagen-production, and promotes a radiant glow. Whether drizzled on toast or stirred into tea, it's your daily dose of health and happiness in every spoonful!

Powerful active ingredients

Royal Jelly 4% 10-HDA: (210mg per serving): 
Royal Jelly is produced by honey bees to feed their queen bees, hence its name. It is rich in nutrients, proteins, amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. All this incredible goodness helps the queen bee to grow 2-3 times bigger than other bees in the hive and live 40 times longer. Royal Jelly has been celebrated in traditional medicine for centuries, and recent studies have shown it to have anti-aging, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties… and even ease the symptoms of menopause. The active ingredient in royal jelly is 10-HDA and we use a high strength (4%) to give you maximum benefits.

Manuka Honey Manuka Honey MGO83, UMF 5+ (2,800mg per serving): 
Certified New Zealand Manuka Honey. Our Manuka is independently tested and certified. This honey is graded Monofloral Manuka honey by New Zealand Government Export standards.

 Vitamin D: (10μg = 200% RDA* per serving): 
Vitamin D contributes to the normal function of the immune system.

High Quality Pure Honey:
Our special blend of pure honey is revered by our customers for its rich and sweet taste. We work with beekeepers in the UK and around the world to bring you the best honey, going to extreme lengths to ensure its quality.

*RDA = Recommended daily allowance

How to use Royal Honey

It's time to feel like Royalty, because this is our richest and creamiest honey!

Take 2 teaspoons of Just Bee Royal Honey (2 teaspoons = 1 serving) any time of the day.

Be bold and have it straight off the teaspoon or try this delicious honey as a hot drink by stirring 2 teaspoons into hot water or hot milk.

Other serving suggestions: We also love Royal Honey drizzled on toast, Greek yoghurt and porridge. Or spread it on your crumpets and bagels.

How to make a Royal Elixir Smoothie:

Your new morning routine:

  • 2 teaspoons of Just Bee Royal Honey
  • 2 ripe bananas
  • 1/2 Cucumber Peeled and Chopped
  • 2 ripe kiwis
  • 1/2 cup of plain greek yoghurt
  • 1/2 cup of spinach leaves
  • A handful of ice cubes

Blend together until smooth, then enjoy!

Independent British Company

Just Bee was inspired by co-founder Joe's family, who have a long history in beekeeping. Joe’s dad is a beekeeper in Lancashire and his grandad was a beekeeper before him in Ireland. Back in 2014, we started with a very simple idea – to create great tasting and healthy products using honey and to save the bees. This is still true today and now we work with beekeepers across the world to source the highest quality honey. 

It’s really important that our products help save the bees. Did you know one in every three mouthfuls of food we eat relies on plants being pollinated by bees? And over the past few years there has been a global decline in bee populations, including here in the UK.

Well, we’re determined to do something about it and we need your help!

British beekeeper Joe in the garden with the beehives

Free packet of seeds!

All our honey orders come with a free packet of bee saving flower seeds.

Royal Honey tasting notes:

You might notice Royal Honey is darker, thicker and creamier than our other honeys and there may be a layer of foam or air bubbles throughout. These bubbles are totally normal for this product and it has undergone rigorous shelf life testing. On taste, you may sense a slightly strong, rich or even bitter note in the sweetness of this honey – this is from the Manuka which is known for its complex flavour. 



Pure honey, Manuka Honey MGO 83+ (20%), Royal Jelly (1.5%), Vitamin D (0.2%)

Nutrition: (Typical values per 100g)

Energy 1,420kJ / 334 Kcal, Carbohydrate 84g, of which is Sugar 80g, Vitamin D 71μg, Fat, Fibre, Protein, Salt – All Negligible.

Vitamins, Botanicals and Bee Products: Each serving (2 teaspoons) contains:

Vitamin D3 - 10μg (200% RDA)
Royal Jelly - 210mg
Manuka Honey - 2,800mg

Honey is not suitable for infants under 12 months old. Store at room temperature. Honey can naturally crystallise and set. If honey does set, place the closed jar in a bowl of hot water until runny.

Does not contain:
Gluten, Dairy, Artificial Colours, Flavours or Preservatives.
Suitable for Vegetarians.

Is this product suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women?

Yes, this product is suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women, however we'd always recommend that you consult with a health professional if you are unsure before making a purchase.

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