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What is Royal Jelly?



Royal Jelly is a vital nutrient produced naturally by bees. Often referred to as ‘bee’s milk,’ Royal Jelly is a creamy, nutrient-rich food produced by worker bees. It’s essential for developing bees and has some pretty impressive benefits for humans too. Let’s explore the world of Royal Jelly and why it’s so special.

Royal Jelly in the Hive

Royal Jelly is crucial in a beehive’s society. Every bee larva is fed Royal Jelly for the first few days of life, giving them a super start with its rich nutrients. What’s unique, though, is the queen bee. She eats Royal Jelly her entire life, which helps her grow bigger (2 to 3 times bigger than a worker bee), live longer (up to 40 times longer than a worker bee), and lay thousands of eggs daily.

Royal Jelly for Humans

Humans have found that Royal Jelly can be quite beneficial too. Here’s why many people include it in their health regimen:

  • May Suppress Allergic Reactions: According to a study published on Europe PMC₁, Royal Jelly can help with the restoration of macrophage function and improve T cell responses, reducing allergic reactions
  • May Reduce Inflammation: For those with conditions like arthritis, Royal Jelly has been shown to help ease the pain according to a study published on MDPI²
  • May Improve Skin Health:  Royal Jelly increases collagen production helping your skin look smoother and younger according to this study on the National Library of Medicine₃
  • May Improve Mental Health: There’s evidence that Royal Jelly improves erythropoiesis, glucose tolerance and mental health  according to this study sourced on the National Library of Medicine₄
  • May Support Women’s Health: It’s known to ease menopausal symptoms, improving overall well-being as per this study found on Science Direct⁵

Why Do We Use Royal Jelly?

We use Royal Jelly because it’s a powerhouse of health benefits. It’s a natural way to support wellness, whether used in supplements, beauty products, or our very own Royal Honey.

How to Incorporate Royal Jelly into Your Routine

Adding Royal Jelly to your routine is simple. You can take it as a supplement, mix it into your morning smoothie, or even use it your skincare regime. In our new product, Royal Honey, Royal Jelly adds a nutritional kick to any meal or drink, enhancing your health with every spoonful.

Royal Jelly is one of nature’s most remarkable secrets, cherished for its incredible health benefits both in the hive and in human diets. At Just Bee Honey, we’re excited to bring you this natural wonder in a way that’s easy to enjoy and beneficial for your health.








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