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4 reasons why honey water will make you feel great

Hi bees! It was great to see so many new and familiar bees this weekend at Balance Festival. We had an absolutely buzzing time keeping you fitness fanatics and wellness warriors hydrated! All the action got us thinking though... Are we drinking enough water? We all know we should drink water, but reality is we often forget to drink enough. Our solution – (queue tenuous link for a bit of self-promotion…!) make sure we carry around an emergency Just Bee for ALL occasions! With 90% spring water plus a drop of honey, we thought we’d share five fabulous reasons why keeping hydrated with water and honey will make you feel great. Hopefully you’ll be gasping for a glug by the end!


1) Improved physical performance:

  • During exercise, your body maintains optimal body temperature by sweating.
  • It’s vital that you drink enough fluids to replace fluids lost in sweat (often more than you might think!), to reduce the risk of heat stress, to keep your muscles performing optimally, and to prevent your performance from decreasing.
  • Add a drop of honey to the equation and you’re not only replenishing your lost fluids, but also giving your body a natural source of simple sugars and carbohydrates – an all natural energy booster for that final push!

 honey water 

2) Brighter brainy bees:

  • A lack of water (dehydration) also affects many aspects of cognitive function as it’s linked to poor concentration, low alertness, and short-term memory loss.
  • Your brain needs plenty of water to keep buzzing at full power, so it’s not just active bees who need to keep fluid levels up!
  • Once again, add a drop of honey, and you’re not only preventing cognitive decline, but also enhancing cognitive performance due to honey’s vitamin and mineral content! 

3) Keeping you regular:

  • Hydration is also widely linked to the constipation. Yep that’s right bees, inadequate fluid consumption is often cited as the most common culprit in constipation, so make sure to drink enough to prevent any BEElockages!
  • We love a big mug of warm water, honey and lemon to get us going (in more ways that one!) as the antiseptic benefits of honey help relieve acidity in the stomach, helping to keep you regular once again! 

4) Keeping your skin BEEautiful:

  • Finally bees, proper hydration is also vital for BEEautiful skin! The skin contains approximately 30% water (yep, we couldn’t believe it either!), so water is vital for that gorgeous plumpness, elasticity, and resiliency we all strive for in our skin.
  • As we’ve mentioned previously, honey is also naturally antibacterial and high in antioxidants, so a drop in your water is also a great trick for acne treatment and prevention, and to help reduce signs of and slow down aging! Check out our honey face mask recipe blog!

How about that bees? Every day’s a school day! It’s a no brainer here at The Hive – drinking water with honey can improve physical performance, help better brain function, bathroom regularity AND glowing skin. We couldn’t really ask for more from nature’s finest ingredients, can we? Comment below and let us know what you think!


See ya all later!


Blogger Bee x


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