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Celebrity beekeepers

Howdy bees! Now, you probably know that Pa Harper is our resident beekeeper and we’ll be getting plenty of updates on the Just Bee beehives over the Spring and Summer months. But this week we are shining the spotlight on some very well known people that happen to keep bees! From rock n’ roll, to the White House, to award winning actors, everyone seems to have a soft spot for helping our fury little friends. Beekeeping might require a bit of effort, but Pa Harper assures us it's 100% worth it. Without further ado, here are three legendary bee keepers that perhaps you'd never guess…

  1. Morgan Freeman

Morgan freeman beekeeper

Morgan Freeman Bees

This guy – well, what can we say? Morgan Freeman truly is Hollywood royalty and he’s one of our fave actors here at The Just Bee Hive. But did you know that Morgan Freeman is also a beekeeper?!

Concerned by the survival of wild bees, Freeman decided he too wanted to make a difference. Of course Freeman wouldn’t settle with just one or two hives. Oh no, Morgan started beekeeping in 2014 by importing 26 hives from Arkansas. He also made sure to plant a whole load of bee-friendly plants on his property. In fact, he converted his Mississippi range into one giant sanctuary for wildflowers and bees. What a legend!

  1. Flea – Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Flea red hot chilli peppers

flea red hot chilli peppers beekeeper

So what do these two images have in common?

They’re both images of Flea (well duh!) and in both images he’s doing something he loves. He’s in his element. The Red Hot Chilli Peppers bassist is not only into rock n’ roll, but also owns three beehives in his home in L.A – that’s up to 200,000 bees in the summer! In fact, Flea is known as a bit of an environmentalist and like so many others, is concerned with the dangerously dwindling number of honeybees. In an effort to do his bit to help, Flea decided to set up his own apiary, nicknamed ‘Flea’s Bee’s’ this music legend is said to have mastered bee keeping in just a few months! Blimey, if only we could all do the same! 

Michelle Obama

Quite the opposite to rock n' roll, who would have guessed that Michelle Obama, the former first lady also has a soft spot for bees? It was thanks to Michelle that the White House had their first ever hives installed on the White House grounds back in 2009.  Michelle was a key figure in orchestrating the White House to switch to organic and encouraged the cultivation of home grown produce.  Alongside this she realised bees were quite a necessity!

Okay, so we admit Michelle doesn’t exactly keep the bees herself, but a great chap and former White House carpenter called Charlie Brandts is First Beekeeper in the White House and he's been doing a sterling job.  In fact, the single South Lawn hive reportedly produces a massive 225 tonnes of honey per year!

Why, might you ask, do these hives do so well? Because it's surrounded by so many gorgeous flowers in the grounds of the White House

Bill Turnbull

Bill Turnbull beekeeper

bill turnbull beekeeper

Bill will be known to most of you as the former-host of BBC breakfast news. He became a bit of a British institution as the guy that said good morning to us every day with his typical friendly smile. Well, in 2016 he retired – and what was the reason he sited? Well, to spend more time with his bees of course! 

Bill has been keeping bees for years and is an ambassador for the British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) and has even written a book called “Confessions of a bad beekeepers”! …We have literally just ordered it on Amazon! Nice one bill, we’ll miss you on the tele, but great to hear you’re giving your bees extra attention :-)

We hope you're a little inspired by the BEEautiful variety of beekeepers currently doing their bit. Do you know of any other celebrity bee keepers? Or are you a bee keeper your self? Celebrity or not (!) we would love to hear from you! Please send us your snaps to or tag @justbeedrinks on social to let us know how your hives are getting along. 

Keep buzzing! 

Blogger Bee x

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