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Bears really love honey

Yikes! BEEware of (the real) Winnie the Pooh!

bear and honey

Good weekend bees?! Top notch here, Spring is nearly here so we were planting bulbs here at Hive HQ! Alongside our honey hack recipes we also want to explore some of the many ‘honey myths’ buzzing around. From what Tutankhamun had on his toast to the origins of the word ‘honeymoon’ – we will bring you the answers! Today we’re looking into why BEARS are always tarnished with the reputation as ‘honey thieves’. Is this just cute story about our old friend Winnie the Pooh or are these grisly beasts really the enemy of the honeybee?! Seems like a tenuous topic for a blog? Bear with us… (next week you might get the ‘birds and the bees’!)

whinnie the pooh with honey

Winnie the Pooh.

Milne's stories are a British favourite (most of us bees grew up reading / having them read to us and they bring back great memories!). Anyway, the lovable Pooh Bear clearly likes honey. In fact, there’s a whole song written about his love for the golden stuff! It’s called The Honey Song (wow – if you haven’t heard this song bee, you HAVE to give it a listen - follow the link below :-)

(perhaps we can use this for a Just Bee jingle one day?!)

Now, back to serious BUZZness. Winnie loves honey. But what about real bears? And if so, why?

Well we’ve been doing a bit of research. And we’re rather astounded by our findings! It’s safe to say bears DO like honey, but unlike Pooh Bear, real bears eat more than just honey. Bears are known to attack beehives and bees nests, consuming not only the honey, but also the bees inside, eeeeek! OK –we know, we know, this is just nature doing its thing, we can’t get upset at the bears for that! Apparently bears generally live off a diet of nuts and wild berries so sometimes they like to mix it up a bit with honey (a bit like the 5:2 diet). And eating the bees is a good source of protein and fats for a bear.

bear destroys beehives 

Last year saw severe draughts in Spain, causing the bears to seek out alternative sources of food instead (see bee hive carnage above).  We also found a few interesting YouTube videos…

Bear vs Bees (guess who wins this encounter?):

These beekeepers in Japan needed take drastic action to safeguard their hives against bears:

Luckily, there aren’t too many bears up in Lancashire so Pa Harper’s bees should be ok (see latest Pa Harper update here). But let’s give the bears a chance, it seems Pooh bear is trying to improve this bad rep bears are getting in the bee world…he is now working with the British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) in their campaigns to help Save The Bees (no way!!). Yes, Pooh’s even got his own guide to help Save The Bees. We couldn’t resist sharing it. (more Just Bee tips on how you can help the bees next week…) 

If you see any bears or bees please let us know. We love photos. Also, we’d love to hear bear and bee related stories…Get in touch by emailing or tagging @justbeedrinks on social.  And please keep sending us your wonderful bee illustrations – We’ve had some unBEElievable handiwork sent through recently and will be sending our favourites a gift box of Just Bee to say thank you!

Keep on buzzing!

Blogger Bee x


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